Why you should take your Yoga Teacher training abroad


Ask about any yoga teacher, and they’ll tell you that their teacher training was one of the best experiences they possibly could have had. It’s literally life-changing. I can just about guarantee it.

Yoga teacher training is difficult, hard work, and emotional. You’ll have to deal with a lot, but all of this makes the experience incredibly rewarding and emotional. You can also talk all day about yoga.

It is possible to make your teacher training even more rewarding by doing it abroad. It would be best if you considered doing so for five reasons.

It’s all done in one go.

I am sure that I would have given up on a six-month YTT in my hometown if it had been too long and drawn out.

If you are like me and can do things much more efficiently in one go, you might want to consider taking your YTT overseas. It’s more likely to be an intensive course over a period of about a month. It’s cool to know that after a month, you will be yoga-certified.

Take a vacation out of it!

You can make your yoga teacher certification abroad a great vacation if you have a travel bug.

Take a few days off before or after you start your training. Explore the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the culture, sights, and food of your destination. This will help you get into the mindset of the place and away from what you are used to. This is a good mindset to have before training because it’s “blank” slate-like.


When you arrive at your training, the phone will not work. This is the easiest and best way to disconnect.

I have a dumb phone instead of a smartphone. Get it?) Since I didn’t know it would work, I left it at home. Before I left, I informed everyone that I would not be reachable for the next month and that I had logged off. No Facebook, no Instagram, no calls.

The training was perfect. If you leave your phone behind, you can focus on the training. It’s like you are there and living the experience without distractions. The best part of my YTT was being cut off from the outside world.

There’s a lot of Bonding.

Chances are, if you travel abroad to train as a teacher, almost everyone there has also traveled. It’s awesome because everyone is a stranger, and no one is local.

My training was international in every way. People from the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany were there. We all came to this place due to our shared love of yoga, and we felt an instant connection because of this.

We didn’t even know each other before we went, but we came out as a family. We did everything together in those 27 days. We laughed, talked, practiced, and confessed to each other. Some of my classmates are better friends than those I have known for many years.

The fact that I can now stay anywhere in the world is also a plus.

You Get Great Stories

It’s cool to be able to say, “I lived on the beach in Mexico for one month,” and then add that you were there doing yoga teacher training.

You get some great stories out of it. You’ll see things you didn’t expect, like a cow roaming around at 2 am or a meditation walk in untouched landscapes. Or you can watch the sunset on the beach with your family. In such a short time, you will have so many stories to tell when you return home.

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