Why don’t I have a “yoga type”


I’m definitely the kind of person who has a type. I have a type in guys (tall, tattooed, and bearded), a kind in friends (fun, spontaneous, and loving), and a type in coffee (black like my soul and could melt a spoon). So, it would only make sense for me to have a kind in yoga.

Just a word in front of “Yoga.”

Since I was a beginner, I didn’t know what the different types of yoga were until I took my teacher training. My gym’s schedule had “yoga,” Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. I attended a variety of yoga classes without knowing the differences between them.

After practicing this way for many years, I learned about the various types of yoga and how people are loyal to their own “brand.” I suddenly felt pressured to discover my yoga type. I thought that without a specific kind, I would be just another yogi in this strange yoga no-man’s land.

As I began to study the various types of yoga, the differences seemed less and less important. I don’t care about the differences between yoga styles. We all practice it.

What Do You Do?

All of us have found something that makes us feel strong, happy, and at peace. Each of us has our method, as we are all unique. I’ve accepted the fact that I do not have a particular type of yoga despite being a person who has a personality for everything else. It makes me feel more flexible.

Power yoga is what I do when I feel like working hard and sweating. When I’m feeling goal-oriented, I do the Ashtanga Primary Series. When I think spiritually inclined or like I need to connect with something, I practice Jivamukti. I sing mantras, and I do Jivamukti until my roommate starts wondering if I have actually gone crazy.

The type of yoga I practice on a given day reflects my mental state. Just like the asanas, I select them for my practice based on how I feel physically. It’s okay not to have one particular yoga style. It’s not necessary to stick with a specific brand. Choose what feels right for you and work the day.

Come out with me to the yoga no man’s land. This is a lot of fun. Tomorrow, we will be practicing Restorative Power Yoga!

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