Five common misalignments of the extended side angle pose


Extended Side Angle Pose, Utthita Parsvakonasana, is a great pose for strengthening the legs, stretching the groin, and stimulating the abdominal organs. The pose also stretches the shoulders, and the different variations ensure that you can access it easily and safely.

This pose can easily lead to a few misalignments.

Here are five common misalignments and some tips for fixing them. By being aware, you can avoid these mistakes.

Take the front knee past the ankle.

Your front knee may extend past the ankle when you are performing Warrior I, II, or Extend side angle Pose. It can put pressure on the knee, which could be harmful. Always keep the front knee over the heel.

To make the pose more comfortable, you can reduce the bend in your front leg or take a wider position if your knee is over your ankle. This will give you more room.

The Front Knee is Collapsed Inwards

When the hips are tight, the front leg tends to fall inwards. This can cause knee pain and be very harmful.

To ensure that you are in alignment with any pose, make sure to check the direction of the toes as well as the knee. Turn the toes so that they are aligned. This will prevent the twisting of the knee. To ensure the hip rotates externally, align the knee with the smaller toes.

Carrying too much weight on the front arm

It’s easy to lean too far on our hand when we bend over and place the lower arm on the bent leg or a solid block.

It is good to support the body, but it’s better to place your hand lightly on the block or leg rather than leaning the entire upper body weight onto it. Weight should be placed on the legs to stretch and strengthen them.

Lifting the back heel off the ground

It can be difficult to keep the heel on the back foot when you bend down into the pose.

Place your back foot on a wall if you find it difficult to maintain your balance or your heel is rising. You can press your foot into the wall to get a nice extra support. For support, you can practice this pose with your backside against a wall.

Top Shoulder Turning to the Floor

If you are too forceful in reaching the front arm towards the ground, the upper body may turn towards the floor instead of opening out to the sides.

Try to keep your hips, shoulders, chest, and legs in a straight line. Use blocks to open the chest and place your hand or block on the front leg.

The Extended Side Angle Pose is a common yoga pose. As always, listen to your body. Start with the version that is easiest for you and work your way up.

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