Yoga Poses for Fire Element


The yoga tradition teaches that we are inextricably linked to nature, with the five elements as the archetypal building block of all things. We feel better on every level of our being when we are more attuned to our natural rhythms.

Have you ever noticed how great it feels to do yoga outdoors?

Understanding the energetic properties and effects of the five elements on the body will help you become more in tune with nature’s vibrations and achieve greater balance within.

The Fire Element

Fire is an element of transformation and change. It is associated with the third chakra, located deep in the abdomen. The fire element is associated with determination, drive, and commitment. It also includes passion, intensity, radiance, inspiration, and intensity.

You can incorporate more fire into your yoga practice in many ways. These include a continuous flow of poses, holding poses for longer periods, and using specific breathing techniques like the breath of flame.

These three poses will help you ignite your inner fire and explore the fire element within your yoga practice.

Boat Pose

Sit down with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Leaning back, lift your feet off the floor while holding onto your thighs.

Lift your sternum and lengthen your back by balancing on your sitting bone. If your lower back is sore, extend your arms and legs in front (or keep your feet bent if you are able to). Holding onto the backs of your legs, take 5 to 8 deep breaths.

Try to build up heat by lowering yourself to the Half Boat Pose while exhaling and then returning to the full Boat Pose when you inhale.

Chair Pose

¬†Utkatasana, also known as Chair Pose in Sanskrit, is actually a Sanskrit term for “powerful pose.” The Chair Pose is fierce and takes you right to the heart of your power.

What a commitment! If you hold the Chair Pose even for three breaths, the heat will build. To increase circulation, pulsate back and forth between Mountain Standing Pose or Chair Pose. Add a twist of prayer to your Chair Pose for an additional surge.

High Lunge Twist

Twists will take you into the inner layers of your abdomen and the third chakra.

Ayurveda also says that the element fire governs digestion, so twists are an excellent way to detoxify, massage the organs, and improve digestion.

Stay firmly committed to your legs as you perform your high lunge. Focus on the twisting below your belly button and then work your way up your spine.

You can try these poses by yourself. Pay attention to how they heat up and tell us if you do not experience the same fire-like qualities.

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