Variations to a more comfortable child’s pose


The Child’s pose is used to ground and center students at the start of a yoga class. The Child’s Pose is intended to be a calming and steadying pose. However, what if this is not your style?

You may have experienced discomfort when you tried to drop into Child’s Pose. You can make Child’s Pose more comfortable by trying some of these variations.

Leg/Knee Variations

The thighs can touch the knees.

Your torso will fall on your thighs as you lower yourself to the ground. This is an excellent option for people with limited hip extension.

Try separating your knees wider if you have more belly fat or torso.

Even the mat can be used to separate the knees. You can accommodate your belly as you lengthen and flex forward. This is a great option for pregnant yoginis.

During Child’s Pose, some students experience tingling or pain in their legs or feet. Props can help alleviate these problems.

Roll a blanket into small, narrow rolls and place them underneath the ankles. This will keep the feet/ankles from touching the floor. Place a blanket, either folded or thickly rolled, between the thighs/butt and the backs of the calves.

Students who want to reach their pelvis toward their heels but haven’t quite reached it yet can use the second option.

Arm Variations

Press your palms into the mat by reaching forward and pressing your arms.

This is a great variation if you’re looking for a more active stretch. While pressing your palms, lift both your upper and lower arms away from the mat.

Keep the arm firmly grounded on the floor by bending the elbows.

This variation gives you more room to rest your shoulders and arms.

You can also reach your arms behind your body, palms up.

If you find that your shoulders are not as comfortable with the arms in front, like the two previous variations, this is the way to go. For maximum comfort, keep your hands facing up and beside the heels or pelvis.

Head Variations

The student used to touch the forehead to the mat. But sometimes, this caused discomfort.

Play around with the angle of your neck until you find a comfortable position.

Reach your head for a block, two blocks, or a bolster.

You may find that you can relax in the Child’s Pose if you raise your floor to match your flexibility.

Turn your head to one side.

Try turning your head to one side and stretching the neck.

Make a pillow with your hands to rest your forehead on. Place your palms together and rest the forehead or side of your head on your hands.

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