Learn to Surrender: How to Succeed by Learning Humility


Many of us in today’s society love to be the center of attention. However, we often forget that others also deserve their time in the spotlight.

All of us have the same purpose, and all of us have the chance to make a positive difference in our lives and the world.

Are you getting the credit that you deserve?

As a result, many of us feel entitled to all the credit and attention, even if it’s not ours. Do you remember when you were a kid, and you and your siblings cleaned the house together, and your parents gave more credit to one sibling even though you did most of the work?

In my own life, I’ve had many instances where I felt abandoned or forgotten by these simple things. Sometimes, I blamed other people for the feelings I had developed because I didn’t understand humility or how to let others take credit.

I did not give up on what was happening at the time.

Although I still encounter this “mental disease,” I now know how to navigate the tricks of the ego to lower my vibration.

Accept what is

In recent times, I’ve been trying to be humble instead of getting upset. I’m choosing to do something, and it’s Accepting what is.

Surrendering to what you can’t control is a powerful act. What if your boss did not praise you, your teacher saw that your classmate wrote a paper ahead of yours, or any other innumerable situations we’ve experienced?

In the scheme of things, none of these things really matter. You will get the credit you deserve if you let it.

You can let someone else take credit.

Allowing someone else to take the credit can also make them feel more special and talented. Perhaps they needed the praise more than you did to get to the next stage, and this could improve your life. You never know, and you might as well let it happen!

You can still be successful even if you don’t take the credit. Many people who want to be successful feel that they need to be the most impressive, have the best content, and say the best things. This leads them to focus on themselves and put a lot of attention and focus on their success.

I don’t think this is good because it is important to get attention and shine your light, but there has to be a balance. Sometimes, I’ve pushed myself too hard in order to be better than others or get more attention, but…

No matter how many people you reach or how much credit they give you, it doesn’t really matter. If you share something with 25 people and they understand it 100 percent, compared to 100 people who only get 50 percent of the message you are sharing, then those 25 people will be more likely to spread that information.

This is a humbling strategy for success.

How to cultivate humility

Many people have taught me how to cultivate humbleness in my life. These concepts have helped me to learn how to surrender and achieve.

  1. Even when you feel you are being taken advantage of, the universe will have something better for you.
  2. Accept what is and what you can’t control. This is everything except your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  3. When others achieve success, you will also succeed.
  4. Observe how nature works and how all things work together, and get credit for it (not like humans). It’s amazing how much I learned from watching the squirrels in my backyard. It’s a great experience, and you’ll forget all about your worries as you watch the squirrels jump from one branch to another like acrobats.

Enjoy yourself and watch others have fun.

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