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Ever felt that you couldn’t breathe deeply? You may have thought that you didn’t want to hear about someone else’s life experience.

You may have been suffering from an insufficient space element.

Ayurveda & Space Element

Ayurveda says that the space element, also called ether, is where all things happen. It is the subtlest form of it and is where it occurs before anything else.

Space reflects this. It’s still because there is no wind. It is cold because it does not have the heat from fire. It’s dry and light because there is no moisture in it. After all, the earth is not present. It is a place where there is no one, so it is vast, pervasive, and has no center.

As I said before, subtle.

The expansive space element is not selective and can accommodate everything as it is.

You will be more accepting, flexible, and open-minded. You’ll find that changes and challenges will pass more easily because you won’t be holding on to your ideals.

There can be too much space distorted. Space can get in the way when you feel detached instead of being open. If you only seek out practices, substances, and people that make you “blissed-out,” then space is a little twisted.

The healthy space element can accommodate both the painful and pleasurable without trying to avoid discomfort.

Yoga and Space Element

Every time you breathe, you connect with the space element. When you are in a yoga pose, the feeling of reaching beyond (and into) your body’s boundaries connects you to space elements.

Some postures evoke a sense of space, just like Earth and Water.

You can sit in any meditation posture.

In its purest form, seated meditation could be described as a contemplation of space. In yoga, we sometimes talk about the romance or dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva, which is sometimes called the divine consciousness, encompasses qualities such as spaciousness, stillness, and hospitality.

Shakti, also known as divine energy, is a quality that embodies movement, transformation, and filling space.

In this perspective, simple sitting meditation can be viewed as a practice that emphasizes the experience of the Shiva side of that relationship. (Although without Shakti, it will feel empty).

Try this if you haven’t yet developed a meditation routine:

Sit comfortably in a position that allows you to keep your spine upright and tall. Be aware of the feeling you get when the chair or floor is beneath your sit bones. As you breathe in, drop your inhalation to your belly so that your sides and belly expand. Then, as you exhale, your navel will pull back towards your spine.

Focus on your breathing as it enters and leaves your body. Do not worry about your thoughts. They will take care of themselves. Just stay with your breathing. Try starting with five minutes to see how you feel.

Do you feel more relaxed? Are you more calm?

The Corpse Pose is also known as Savasana.

The Corpse Pose may be the most advanced of all space element practices. After you have done a lot of asanas and opened up your channels, it is time to let go and experience your experience.

Savasana is a great way to bring your practice to fruition. It also allows you to correct any areas that may have been overstretched or mistreated.

Savasana: How to practice it

Close your eyes and lie flat on your back. Move your hips side to side and your arms and legs around until you find the right position. This means that your legs should be about 12″-18″. Your arms should also be away from your sides.

Then, lay down and lengthen your back. Turn your palms upwards to face the ceiling. Breathe in deeply and fully, then let them out with a big sigh. Let go.

Do not grab anything, and do not push anything away. Let everything be as it is. Allow your thoughts to arise and go away without interfering. Let your thoughts arise and pass away without judging or evaluating them.

Savasana is recommended for 10 minutes, although you can go longer if you’ve got the time.

More space in your life will lead to less friction and more breathing room. How do you create space in your life?

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