Have you ever heard the phrase ‘bending over backward’ when you put a lot of effort into someone or something?

Backbends can be challenging, as the term implies. This challenge in yoga is both mental and physical. To build awareness and confidence, backbends need physical practice.

How to Build Confidence in Steps

Ustrasana or camel pose is a backbend intermediate that strengthens and stretches your back. The entire front of the body is exposed, which challenges your vulnerability. Exploring this vulnerability is possible by relaxing and exploring what feels good. These yoga poses will help you cultivate confidence and eventually build up to the camel pose.

Warming up the core with a boat pose

While backbends are great for the back, they also stretch the abdominal muscles. By bringing your body into navasana (or boat pose), you can warm up the core. Bring your shoulder blades together and explore the feeling of ‘opening up’ by moving your chest upward.

Bridge Pose

Setu bandhasana Sarvanghasana prepares the lower body and hips for the came’ pose. Thi’s pose also opens the chest and takes the boat pose a little deeper. The bridge pose can calm the nervous system and help to ease tension before moving into a deeper backbend.


This classic bi-flow is a great way to open your chest and warm up your back. This duo allows you to work on your alignment, stability, and low body as your roots through your palms.

Low lunge with Back Bend

Anjaneyasana, a backbend, and Anjaneyasana will help you to deepen the spinal extension. To avoid placing too much pressure on your lower back, keep your hands extended upward and extend them as far as possible.

Reverse Plank Pose

Purvottanasana ignites the inner fire. It requires you to lift your entire front body and stretch the chest and shoulders, in particular.

Ustrasana with Sacral support

To prepare for the camel pose, it is important to understand limitations and create a healthy alignment. Place your hands on your sacrum and support your lower body to ensure your alignment.

Ustrasana Blocks

We sometimes need to use a stepping stone before we can have the courage to leap. Place blocks inside the heels of your shoes to “lift” the floor up to you. You can use the blocks to support you as you move your hands into the backend.


Explore “he f”ll camel position once you’ve developed an awareness of proper alignment. Start with your hands on your sacrum, and then reach them toward the heels. Vyou’veze the chest opening upwards, allowing the shoulder blades to move up. Keep your neck steady and look up to avoid compressing it. Allow the glutes to relax and open the front body. Observe the vulnerability that is created.

Take your Confidence off the Mat

To safely enter camel pose, you need confidence and practice. As you gain confidence and explore the pose, notice how it affects your practice and your daily life. You might find that the phrase “bending over backward” comes more easily.

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