Yoga is often associated with limber practitioners. However, yoga is much more than stretching and doing handstands. Yoga is a mind-body activity. It involves moving through a series of body poses and breathing exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

There are many styles of yoga, but the most popular ones are physical poses, breathing work, and meditation. No matter how flexible or sedentary your lifestyle is, yoga is for everyone. Gentle, chair-based, or restorative yoga classes are great for beginners and older adults. You might be more active if you’re already very active. There will be plenty of opportunities to modify poses and take them at your own pace in all classes.

“Yoga involves active exercise, resting positions, and stress management practices. It is especially effective for maintaining heart health.” – Yoga for Healthy Aging. Nina Zolotow and Baxter Bell.

The National Institutes of Health claims that yoga can help with stress management, mindfulness, weight loss, and mental health.

Promoting physical activity – The first step to a healthier lifestyle is often yoga.

Stress Management – Yoga poses can help release tension from our bodies due to the everyday stress of life. We can self-regulate through gentle movement, breathing exercises, and mindful meditation.

Greater Mind-Body Awareness- Yoga helps us become more aware of what’s happening inside our bodies and minds as we pose. This awareness allows us to be more aware of how our daily habits affect our feelings. It is easy to see how what we put in our bodies, whether food, alcohol, or tobacco, affects our emotions. Yoga can help us make better lifestyle choices.

Community – Yoga can be done in person or via a virtual group. This creates a safe and connected environment. It is well-known that relationships are essential for mental health. Being part of a support group can help you keep practicing regularly.

Yoga is a great way to get the most out of your time. Sometimes, finding the time to practice for an hour is challenging. On those days, twenty minutes will suffice. It is essential to establish a habit of relaxing and letting go of all thoughts.

Yoga with Tosca

Tosca’s classes are fun and easy for beginners. You’ll gain flexibility, mobility, stability as well as coordination. You’ll be able to find harmony between work and rest, which will help you become more connected with your inner world. Every class begins with breathing exercises and centering, then moves on to some core-strengthening Pilates-inspired activities. The class’ final segment will get us up to our feet, where we will be introduced to yoga poses that encourage thoughtful, intentional movement that will help improve your coordination and balance. Each class builds on the previous one so you can transform your body, mind, and spirit each time you attend.

Yoga with Elaine

This class is gentle enough for anyone standing up straight from the ground. We will help you find the proper practice today by combining mindfulness, meditation, bodily movement, and yoga poses with breath work, meditation, and breathwork. We want to see how our bodies feel in movement and stillness and help us connect with ourselves more deeply. You can take control of your practice and be free to move in the way that works for you.

Chair Yoga with Vicky

Chair yoga is a type of regular yoga that offers all the benefits of traditional yoga but with added support from a chair. This is an excellent option for people with limited mobility or energy. It is instrumental in cardiac rehabilitation and can be used as a preventive measure.

The class involves gentle movements of the whole body while sitting. The chair can also be used to support standing or soft balancing positions. The course is designed to be accessible to all ability levels, and participants are encouraged to work within their limits. Chair yoga includes guided relaxations, gentle breathing, and other stress management tools that support mental and physical well-being.

Our compassionate and experienced teacher, Vicky Harkin, makes the class fun and relaxed. Our past students report feeling more robust, mobile, and empowered by the support and techniques they receive in class.

All abilities are welcome to take chair yoga classes. We warmly welcome anyone who wants to join us in Croi.

Vicky offers yoga for recovery and well-being

This gentle yoga class is designed to provide support and confidence for those recovering from strokes or cardiac events. This class combines gentle moves, weight-bearing exercises, and body strengthening. It is designed to integrate breathwork and bring awareness to the entire body. Meditation for recovery is a part of every class. This will ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and empowered.

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