There are hundreds of yoga teachers to choose from in Singapore. To help you narrow it down, we’ve curated a list of some amazing instructors to suit every kind of practice. From teachers who inspire you to those who bring a personal touch, instructors who will push you to the limit, to those who encourage you to go deeper – there is someone for everyone.

Please take a look at our selection of Singapore yoga instructors to find the perfect instructor for you.

The article forms part of “The Mindful” Guide in Singapore, packed with tips to lead a healthy, happy, and mindful life within Singapore.

Midah Arshad for Eastern Flavor with Western RootsAs a Singapore resident, it is apparent Midah Arshad likely has the Midas touch. She is certified to teach Hatha Yoga, Space & Light Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga and has completed her training through a myriad of highly acclaimed instructors. She first became interested in yoga during her time in Hong Kong in the late 1990s. Then, she began to incorporate the practice into the other activities she enjoys (which include running marathons and rock climbing).

Midah is passionate about helping her clients establish connections between Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, with a particular concentration on the mind, body, and spiritual connection. Also, Midah has an artistic aspect that is well-integrated through her yoga practice, being a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts.


Jerome LahoreFor A Personal TouchJerome Lahore not only teaches classes and 1-on-one sessions, but you can discover works on YouTube! His channel is a professional resource to help you get the right asana. He is a specialist in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga, as well as breathing exercises.

It’s not surprising that Jerome is the guru behind Jerome, the founder of Inhale Yoga Studio, which offers group, private classes, and corporate. The studio’s website is clear and simple to navigate. It even provides a simple guideline for learning how to do a headstand on Jerome’s blog.

Inhale Yoga

Jasmine ChongFor Those Who Go Corporate-to-SpiritualJasmine Chong sought out yoga in the hope of getting rid of weight (as many do). But she emerged from her journey with a deep love for the exercise. In fact, she was so enthralled that she decided to quit her job at a corporate company to train as a yoga instructor!

As the creator of Lab Studios (which boasts four Singapore locations), Jasmine encourages people from all walks of life to try yoga, regardless of the degree of skill they have. She is often overwhelmed by her students, amazed by the actions they take to enhance their bodies, minds, and souls.

Lab Studios

Johnson ChongFor Those Looking To Trust Their IntuitionIt’s surprising that Johnson Chong started his career as an actor, obtaining a BFA for acting in theatre and Film. Through this, he was taught the importance of breath, the body’s gentle movement, and, of course, the state of mind.

Johnson’s work is centered around holistic healing as the man has studied with numerous major experts in the spiritual realm. These insights have allowed him to flesh out his career as a yoga teacher along with an impressive amount of public image. In addition to Yoga, Johnson is adamant about shamanic meditative, Ajna Light Meditation, and inner guidance as tools of the trade.

Sage House

Derick PangFor Those Who Need a Life-Changing ExperienceAbout a decade back, Derick Pang took a Kundalini yoga class that transformed his life for the better. After returning for more every the next, Derick decided to establish his method of practice. As an instructor, he incorporates breathing and meditation into the general Kundalini practice, which can help to exercise and relax the mind.

In Yoga in Common, The 3 Cs are used in the Classic, Creative, and yoga classes that are calm. Derick’s method encompasses all of them. Derick has completed 200 hours of teacher’s education and “believes deep within every one of us lies the highest truth of Love awaiting to be remembered.”

Yoga in Common

Dr. Kuldeep KushwahFor Those Looking for a Well-Seasoned YogiDid you know that you could earn a PhD with a yoga degree? Well, you can, and Dr. Kuldeep Kushwah did! His yoga research papers have been published across the globe, and his passion for yoga is infectious. At the age of 14, Kuldeep began his journey into yoga and has never looked back. He has taught yoga in Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

At Vyasa Yoga, the doc runs various teacher-training classes and classes that cover Ashtanga Vinyasa and arm balancing PET, strength core, and meditation.

Vyasa Singapore

ShivaneeFor Those Who Want to Go DigitalShivanee’s Instagram is full of great photo information, helpful tips, as well as (of course) yoga poses, as well as instructional videos. The Instagram account even has a free 31-day yoga challenge for students who want to raise their level!

Shivanee Yoga

Vanan SuhumaranFor Those Who Crave Discipline and DedicationVanan Suhumaran’s story is unusual since he started his yoga practice when he was just five years old! As the majority of children were learning to draw lines, Vanan was learning how to master his asanas. If that weren’t enough, he received Tantric yoga at 16 years old, and by the time he was in his 20s, he was a disciple of a world-renowned yoga teacher.

In the later years, Vanan gained a teacher’s yoga certification and can be found all over the place, from fitness centers to private training sessions. He is currently studying yogic science and writing the publication of a book.

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