Feeling disempowered is very easy. We are often overwhelmed by our culture of constant movement, which can lead to feeling overworked and exhausted. Insecurity, anxiety, and low self-worth are all too common. All of this can change when we step onto our yoga mat. Yoga empowers us to heal, nurture and improve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By practicing yoga regularly, we can discover our focus and power.

Empowerment is often associated with self-confidence and energy. However, it means different things to everyone. Yoga can empower us all, no matter how we define it. Yoga can empower you in every aspect of life because it strengthens, unifies, and improves physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Physical Empowerment

The physical postures improve strength, flexibility, and balance. This naturally increases feelings of confidence and power.

Yoga practice can also help us to deepen our relationship with our bodies. Yoga becomes a way to “check-in” and monitor changes daily once we tune into ourselves. Regular practice helps us to work within our limits and reap the benefits over time.

As prana, the life force energy that flows through our body, we become more aware of ourselves. We can tap into this fountain of energy whenever we want. We can also explore the deeper aspects of our physical body, such as the energetic self, by using bandhas or energy-directing locks throughout our yoga practice.

You can find empowering positions in the Goddess pose, you’re favorite a href=”https://www.yogabasics.com/asana/warrior-ii/”>Warrior/a> stance, or simply standing tall in a href=”https://www.yogabasics.com/asana/mountain/”>Mountain pose/a> while gently engaging mula bandha. Some empowering positions include a goddess pose, your favorite warrior posture, and standing tall and firmly in a mountain pose with a mula bandha.

Mental Empowerment

Tapas is mental discipline. By committing to yoga, we can overcome laziness, which is powerful.

Spending time silently, on or off the mat, allows us to observe our minds. This practice makes it clear that we aren’t our thoughts and that our largest thoughts are nothing compared to the entirety of our being. Staying present moment by moment allows us to step back from the endless mental chatter. This helps us gain clarity and freedom from problems.

Regular yoga can also help us cultivate positive mental states such as optimism, willpower, and inner power.

You will also benefit from a clear, focused mind! Try practicing Kapalabhati at the start of every day.

Empowerment through Emotion

Our bodies store emotions. It is, therefore, normal that through yoga, hidden or repressed moods or feelings will surface. Observing our emotions and how they change can help us to slow down before reacting. We can better connect with others and ourselves when we don’t let our emotions dictate our lives.

Yoga allows us to process our emotions, both consciously and subconsciously. It’s not unusual to feel a sense of peace or acceptance after a yoga session or a separation from “negative” feelings like anger or fear.

Subtle Anatomy suggests people accumulate and store emotional energy around the pelvis, hips, and reproductive organs. The longer we hold poses, the more time is available to tap into the emotional body and clear blockages.

Consider a practice that allows your body to relax and hold poses longer. Or, add some gentle hip-opening poses like a supported Reclined Butterfly at the end of the session.

Spiritual Empowerment

Yoga connects us with the world both inside and outside our awareness. Yoga can help you find this union, even if your spirituality is not a priority.

Learning and living by yogic philosophy and techniques is a continuous process. This helps us discover who we are. Encourages us on a journey of self-discovery to find health and happiness. Through the practice and contemplation of the yogic way, we can learn to understand and work with both inner and outward strength by exercising our boundaries and values, experimenting with our bodies and minds, and seeking our connection to whatever we believe through a mixture of practice, dedication, and knowledge.

Yoga teaches that we are whole beings, a part larger than ourselves. This is a feeling beyond empowerment.

Find a quiet place in nature to do yoga and observe how it affects your perception of the world.

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