Sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill. It’s an activity in which one or more people compete against each other for entertainment. To be able to perform better in sports, one must have the ability to exercise. Athletes competing in a sport need strength, stamina and reflexes. They also need flexibility, endurance, skill and agility. In competitive sports, mental conditioning, stress reduction, and willpower are key factors (2). Yoga can help one train for any sport (3-4). However, asanas practice can be an excellent way to develop these attributes.


The term Competitive Yoga is also used to describe yoga as a sport. It refers to the performance of asanas during sporting competitions. It is the practice of competitive yoga, i.e., For many decades, yoga competitions have been held in India.

The concept of competitive yoga does not only include performing asanas but also involves the practice of kriyas (pranayama), mudras and meditation by participants. Initiating competitive yoga was meant to raise awareness about yoga and its benefits in a young community.

The first yoga competitions around 5000 years ago consisted of all the angas associated with yoga. Now, the competition consists of only practicing asanas.

Over the years, yoga has been adopted by many countries. There have been many types of competitions in yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar. For different ages and genders. Participants are judged on their grace, poise and stability, balance, balance, and relaxation. They also hold their breath. A group of judges will judge the poses and ask participants to perform them in a limited time. In 2015, it was declared a national competitive sport.

Asana practice can be physically demanding. The Yoga Sutras: Sthiram Sukham Asanam mentions that yoga posture combines effort and ease. This competition is all about alignment, stability, and effortlessness. In 1986, India and Uruguay hosted the first international asana championship. There have been numerous international and national yoga asana championships since then.

These are just a few scathing criticisms against yoga as a competitive activity. There are many reasons to practice yoga. Some people use yoga to stay physically fit. This motivates them to try difficult poses, which eventually leads to yoga becoming a competitive sport. Many schools have nurtured this trend, including the Hatha and Iyengar Yoga schools.

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