If you intend to cultivate a life where your confidence shines through and guides the way, then you will likely need to wake up each morning and clarify that objective for the day ahead – and not just with mantras spoken into a mirror- with action!

You can incorporate this mini-routine into your morning to boost your confidence as soon as you see the sun. It should be easier to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Set Your Intention

Abundance: Sit up straight in a comfortable chair and repeat “So Hum” eight times. This mantra is “I am.” As a sentence, it is used to reflect on our abundance in life. This energy helps you to feel more at ease and establishes your worth.

You Should Trust Your Body

Then, find a downward-facing dog. Spend 5-8 breaths deepening inhalations and exhalations while peddling your feet. Here, check in with your entire body and let it know you’re listening. Promise to support your body where necessary and push only when it feels comfortable. If your shoulder hurts, promise not to go too deeply when doing a low plank, and then follow through. This builds self-confidence and trust in oneself.

Cultivate Positive Energy

Dragon Pose is found by stepping forward with one foot towards the top edge of your mat, lowering your knee, and then sweeping your arms around your ears. Hold this pose for three breaths, then bend your front leg and place your hands either on a mat or a block. Spend three breaths in this pose.

Inhale now to raise back the dragon and exhale for Monkey to bow. This movement should be repeated five times with inhales and outhales before changing sides. Pranayama, or breathwork, combined with sweeping gestures, will excite and boost your energy levels for the day. This is called “Raising The Qi,” and it’s very effective in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture).

Release Attachment

Ragdoll: Now, find a loose fold forward and sway from side to side. This will bring fresh blood into your brain. Every time you exhale, drop something from your body that’s not serving you. It’s not necessary to decide what you want to release. Just exhale and lower your hands will do. If you have something that you’d like to let go, now is the time. You will feel lighter and have more energy if you are carrying less.

What better way to boost your energy than by broadening your perspective? If you want to add some twist, you could wring your body and see both sides of the space. You can then curl up and slowly stand, stacking your vertebrae along the way, feeling fresh and new.


Hold a balance such as a Tree Pose or Standing Pigeon for eight breaths on each side. Standing balances that are held for long periods create a deep sense of focus. Committing to returning to the credit even if you wobble or fall out is what broadens your emotional practice.

Open To Love

You can end your practice with a Side Plank, which is a strong and assertive Side Plank. This will take you to Wild Thing. You can feel your heart open and your arms lifting you with strength. There’s nothing like a flip to boost your energy and confidence!

Close your practice by chanting five “So Hum” (“I Am”) chants.

You will notice a big difference in the way you feel each day if you practice this simple set every morning before you have your cup of coffee.

Remember, if we begin the day as we intend to continue, we will be successful no matter what happens.

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