Your perception of Restorative Yoga is likely distorted by photos you have seen. Restorative Yoga involves lying on a blanket and using a yoga bolster for extended periods. However, it isn’t dull. To support your body in a supported position that you can hold for extended periods, you need to have body awareness and a lot of props. It can have profound effects.

Its powers are well-known by practitioners of Restorative Yoga. Deep rest is something that all of us could benefit from in our busy lives. It’s both relaxing and regenerative. Deep rest is not the same as sleeping, although it can sometimes be a form of sleep. Our bodies can rest deeply in Restorative Practice, which creates a calm environment for our minds. The Practice leaves us feeling refreshed and renewed.


Restorative Yoga is very prop-intensive. It could be better, but I have taught Restorative Yoga classes where only one or two blankets were available for each student. My collective is fully equipped for 20 students in a Restorative class. Also, props are available for all ages.

Although it may seem like a lot, these props can be useful in your regular asana practice.


A yoga bolster is an essential tool in Restorative Practice. Hugger Mugger started making and selling bolsters over 30 years ago. They have perfected this process over the years. Although you may accuse me of bias for posting this on HM’s blog, I can assure you that my bolsters have been the best. HM has perfected the art of making firm and soft bolsters. They’re soft outside, so they don’t hurt your bones. They are also strong enough to retain their shape regardless of what stressors are applied to them.

  1. Restorative Yoga has supported poses that allow you to shape your body in a particular way. You can’t sit or lie on sofa cushions, pillows, or softer (and often cheaper) bolsters that have too much “give.” This can cause you to end up slumped instead of having a tremendous open posture. For example, the lateral stretch shown in the above photo wouldn’t occur if you are on a pillow or bolster.
  2. Restorative poses often require that the bolster be supported. Usually, the bolster is slanted on one or two blocks (as shown in the photo at the top of this blog). If you place your entire body weight on a yoga bolster or cushion, it will fall if a block isn’t supporting it. This can cause discomfort and be hard on the back.


Standard Bolsters offer the most versatility for Restorative Practice. The Standard Bolster is the best option if you are looking for a yoga bolster that will be versatile and can hold one. Round or Junior can support individuals with different body types in certain situations. Hugger Mugger’s bolsters all are made in Salt Lake City.

You can invest significantly in your well-being by purchasing a high-quality yoga bolster. They are durable. Hugger Mugger bolsters still in my possession. Relaxation time is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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