Using props and modifications, or shape adaptations, is a great way to support your body into safer alignment or deepen the benefits of any shape.

Here are some ways to change things up with your practice: by using props, alignment cues, or modifications.

Open Triangle

Place a block beneath your lower hand and place your upper hand at your hip to guide you. Wrap a long strap in a loop around your front leg, leaving the excess ends at the back. Bring your knee forward and bend it slightly. Pull the extra strap pieces up and behind you so that your thigh rolls back and opens.

Stable Warrior – One

Before you stand up, step to the side of your hand that matches your foot. Also, square your hips against the front edge of the mat. The twist will be removed from the hips and lower back and only remain in your leg muscles, allowing for more strength throughout the shape.

Strong Reverse Warriors

In Reverse Warrior Two, place a block on the longest setting between your front leg and a wall. While you lean back, actively prevent the union from falling to the ground by pressing into it.

Uncurled Cobra

Wear the strap as a backpack and pull the loose ends of it behind you. This will lift your torso into a cobra pose or a half-locust shape. By removing your shoulder joint balls back, the strap can help you stretch out the frontal plane and open up your chest.

Unmpinged Wheel

If there is a sturdy baseboard, you can tilt the blocks at an angle. Place your hands on the block and push against the wall. This modification allows hips and shoulders to open more by reducing the intensity of wrist stretching.

Sustainable Camel

Squeeze one block between each of your legs and another between your toes. Then press your thighs against the wall. While pushing your hips with your hands forward, squeeze the thigh blocks more and make your elbows behind you. Try not to let your thighs touch the wall. This will help you keep your hips above your knees. Reach back and grab your heels, ankles, or the second block. The legs stay on the wall throughout! It may be that you can’t go as far as you would like, but you are stronger and safer.

Solid Chair

You can do this by lifting your toes so that you can always see them. Instead of trying to go as low as possible, focus on how far you can bring your belly in. It’s not like Chair Pose can get any more difficult!

You can adapt our yoga dictionary in many different ways. Some will feel good to you, while others may feel good to someone else. Try them all to expand your practice and learn more about your body, its likes and dislikes, and how your body changes as you age.

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