Nasal allergy is the allergic reactions a person develops due to being sensitive to dust, pollen, smoke, cold air, etc. These reactions are not normal, because ordinarily, it does not affect other people in general much. But people who are allergic to these substances may suffer from severe and frequent sneezing, mucus secretions, headache, migraines, difficulty in breathing, etc. These conditions may also lead the person to develop conditions similar to asthma. It is highly uncomfortable, and the person feels very vulnerable and irritated, because he starts developing allergic reactions for things that don’t affect his family or friends. Nasal allergy may also be stress induced. Medical science does not really have a cure for nasal allergy relief– it can only give you medicines that are very expensive, to help soothe the pain.

Nasal allergy medications

Medications for nasal allergies are usually in the form of sprays that have to be taken orally, or inhalers. Some tablets and syrups may also be prescribed at times, which mainly help people get over their pain. These medicines don’t really cure nasal allergies – they merely help the individual cope with the problem better. This is mainly because the exact reason for the person developing an allergy is unknown. It is not easy to determine why a particular person is allergic to a particular substance that generally does not affect other people. These medicines are also usually expensive, and have to be consumed on a regular basis, or seasonally – depending on the occurrence of the allergic reactions. It becomes an additional burden for the person to carry around with him all the time. Since there is no telling when he will develop a nasal problem, he needs to keep his medicines with him all the time.

Nasal allergy yoga

While you are on medication you must consider nasal allergy yoga, if you would like the problem to go away forever. There are special breathing exercises and physical postures in yoga that helps a person get rid of the root cause itself. These exercises will require you to sit or stand in various positions, and breathe in air in specific ways so that the pure oxygen reaches all parts of their respiratory system, and cleans out all the bad blood as they exhale. Yoga believes that the root cause for these allergies is the imbalance in your inner, subconscious energy with that of the rest of the physical world. Through yoga, you will be able to gain back that balance, and be in complete sync with the nature itself. Thus, the nature and your inner self thinks, feels and behaves like one. This will cause the internal imbalances to get settled, and thus, you are able to achieve total nasal allergy relief. With regular practice, you will discover one day that you no longer need your medications, and feel like a new person.

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