Nadabrahma meditation can also be called “Tibetan Humming Meditation”. Tibetan masters developed this meditation. It is also known as chanting meditation. Meditation is “empty mind”. Meditation is a process that shuts down the mind and renders it unconscious.

CONSTRUCTING A POSITIVE environment, you can do this meditation at any time of the day. This meditation requires a peaceful setting as it is chanting meditation. This meditation is best done in a dark space with four candles that emit a soothing scent. Meditation can be done in silence or after eating.


There are three stages to meditation:

Stage 1: Humming

You can close your eyes and lips when in the most relaxed position. Begin the meditation by humming. Humming loud enough to be heard by others and creating vibrations throughout your body should be the goal. Humming is a free-flowing sound. The pitch can be altered intuitively. It is possible to move your body gently if you feel the need. You want to get to a place where the humming is automatic, and you can be the listener.

Stage 2: Circular movement in the palm

The second stage is split into two, each lasting seven and a quarter minutes.

Second half:

  1. Relax in the first half.
  2. Keep your hands raised and your palms close to your navel.
  3. As slowly as possible, move the palm outward in a circular motion.

Feel as if you are sending energy outwards to the universe.

Second Half: The palms can be turned down after 7 1/2 minutes and moved in the opposite direction. Let the palms come together towards your navel. You will feel that you are putting energy in.

Third Stage: 15 Minutes

It would help if you were completely still and quiet.

Meditation is about being in the witness state. You will instantly fall into deep sleep if you don’t know what you are doing. This type of deep sleep combined with relaxation is not what you need to meditate.

It is easy to bring the body and mind together when we hum. Meditation is a combination of mind and body. The body vibrates when we continue to hum. The vibration gradually settles into the mind. This is rare, and it’s a moment when our mind and body align into something special. This amazing technique of humming can shut down the main obstacles.

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