How can you maintain the enthusiasm and momentum to get up early for your morning practice? Morning yoga quotes are a great way to motivate you to wake up and practice. Your yoga teacher has probably read you some inspirational quotes. These are great tools for creating success in Yoga. It is hard to deny the power of a great quote. It helps you get through tough times and focus on the good. Here’s a collection of morning yoga quotes with wise words to start the day off right.

Our favorite good morning yoga quotes

After coffee, read these morning yoga quotes to help you get out on your mat with joy and enthusiasm. These quotes can encourage you to get up and onto your carpet and promote a positive attitude before heading out the door.

Yoga for a few minutes each morning will help you adapt to life’s challenges. — Jason Garner

You have the power to do everything. Do not think you are weak or a half-crazy lunatic like most people today. You can achieve anything, and you don’t need anyone to guide you. You are divine. Could you stand up and show it? Swami Vivekananda

Rise, awaken, and do not stop until you reach your goal. — Swami Visvekananda

Sit quietly and calm down your thoughts and senses before undertaking essential tasks. The tremendous creative power will guide you. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Do not be afraid of anything. Your work will be fantastic. Fear is the most significant cause of misery on earth. Fear is the biggest superstition. Fear is the root of our problems, but fearlessness is what brings heaven in an instant. So, rise, awaken, and do not stop until you reach your goal — Swami Vivekananda.

We should not fear change. Rather, we should embrace it. Without change, there would be no growth or blooming in the world and no progress for anyone to become who they are meant to be. — B.K.S Iyengar

Change can only happen at the moment. What has already happened is done. The future is only energy and intention. — Kino MacGregor

Concentrating your attention on poses helps to clear the mind. While focusing on the breath, the body is able to shift from the fight or flight state. –Melanie Haiken

Each morning, I give my body, mind, and any abilities I possess to Thee, O infinite Creator, for whatever purpose Thou choose to express Thyself to me. I know that every task is Your work and that nothing is too small or complex when offered to Thee in love. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Good Morning, My pain, sorrow, and fear. I can see you. I’m here. Don’t worry. Thich Hanh

A person who strives is better than one who does not try. — Swami Vivekananda

If your motivation for practicing Yoga is small and selfish, you will stay the same. You will be bound by what you believe about yourself. Allow yourself to let go and give your best effort toward limitless potential. Dedicate your life to the happiness of every being. — Sharon Gannon

You will be guided correctly if you keep the positive aftereffects from meditation for the entire day or part of it. This joy is the saints’ guide, and no mistaken action can be made in its consciousness. Keep the pleasure you have gained from meditation all day. Paramhansa Yogananda

Silence is the best way to find wisdom. If you want to find love, just be yourself. — Becca Lee

To overcome growing pains, begin by learning to be comfortable with discomfort. This is the way of Yogi – Jaima Mavity.

Being present with yourself and settling into what is comfortable and steady does not leave room for self-judgment. You are practicing Yoga when you live this way: fully living. Judith Hanson Lasater

Enjoy each moment to the fullest; the future will look after itself. Enjoy the beauty and wonder of every moment. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Encourage deep happiness within yourself and others by living in a manner that promotes it. You can vow to bring joy in the morning to one person and relieve suffering in the afternoon to another person. You can ask yourself: Whom can I make happy this morning? It is possible to create happiness. — Thich Hanh

The morning is a significant part of the day. Because how you spend it can tell you a lot about your day. — Lemony Snicket

Find your tricks. Everybody has their own. Watch your body move independently when you bury your mind in your heart. — Sri Dharma Mittra

Do not focus on the things you cannot do. Instead, imagine all you can. — Kathryn Budig

Yoga does not remove life’s challenges. It also does not provide a convenient escape route from the distractions of life. Yoga teaches us how to face life with dignity and poise. — Donna Farhi

The secret to success is to put your heart, soul, and mind into your actions. Swami Sivananda

Build up your body, strengthen the nerves, and build up your mind until you have no fear and are the master. Swami Satchidananda

Swami Sivananda

Yoga science aims to calm the mind so it can hear the inner voice without distortion. — Paramahansa Yogananda

The brighter you make the world, the more people you can reach. — Max Strom

Yoga is about bringing awareness to the darkest parts of the body. — Jason Crandell

Yoga aims to develop clarity and self-understanding so that after we finish our practice, we make good decisions. Because that determines whether we are fulfilled, it’s not the quality of your poses. What counts is what happens after we finish practicing Yoga. — Rod Stryker

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