As both a doctor and as a teacher of yoga, I’m excited to share the many health benefits this amazing mind-body-spiritual activity offers. This article will help you get started with yoga if you have been hesitant about trying it.

Why Yoga

Yoga is a practice that has roots in ancient India. However, it has grown to be a popular way of improving physical and mental well-being. According to recent statistics, approximately one in seven Americans practice yoga. This number is growing. Many people claim that they do yoga for their well-being, and you’ll find many benefits.

Three Parts of Yoga

Yoga today has three components.

Asana: Physical postures/poses

Pranayama is a method of regulating your breathing.

Dhyana: Meditation or relaxation

There are many types of yoga, including gentle and chair yoga. This makes it accessible to almost everyone. Yoga has been proven to be an effective and safe stress management tool for both children and teenagers. Check with your doctor if you’re pregnant to ensure that there are no medical reasons you shouldn’t exercise. Some activities may need to be modified.

Yoga has many health benefits

Yoga may help with a wide range of health conditions. Let’s look at some of the benefits. Practicing yoga may:

You can improve your overall health by reducing stress*, encouraging good health habits and improving mental/emotional/sleep quality.

Increase strength, flexibility, and balance, especially for older adults.

Low-back and neck pain can be relieved, as well as pain from tension headaches and migraines, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Enhance cognitive (mental) function

Help obese and overweight people lose weight.

Stop smoking and help people who smoke.

You can help manage your anxiety and depression in difficult situations.

Relieve menopause symptoms.

Reduced fatigue due to cancer.

Assist people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, COPD and HIV/AIDS to manage their symptoms and improve quality of their lives.

A 2020 review of 12 studies on yoga as a stress management tool in healthy adults revealed that yoga had positive effects on stress perceptions.

Are there any risks associated with yoga

When done properly and under the supervision of qualified instructors, yoga is considered safe. Make sure you learn more about the experience and training of the yoga instructor that you are considering.

Finally, it is important to take control of your health. Talk with your doctor about yoga and other complementary therapies. You can work together to determine the best direction.

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