Only 9 percent of those who set resolutions say they have achieved their goals. The yogic tradition offers two easy and synergistic ways to strengthen and empower your keys. Mantras have been used by Sanskrit prayer for thousands of years to concentrate the mind and to manifest spiritual and personal goals. Mala bead is a tool for counting mantras, giving the wearer its unique energetic properties. You can achieve your resolution by pairing it with a mala and corresponding mantra.

You will need to put in the effort to reach your goals. Be aware that I have only recommended these combinations, and there may be other gemstones, mala beads, or Sanskrit words better suited to your needs.

Create abundance and wealth

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, attracts people, situations, and things that will make you happy, prosperous, and blessed. Chanting with Pyrite malas can help you access your hidden abilities. This stone of will and vitality can give you the inspiration, motivation, and focus needed to complete your tasks.

Use this powerful mantra to invoke the goddess of fortune, wealth, luxury, power, and prosperity.

Om Sarva Kamadaya Naamaha – Kama means “desire, desire, wish or longing.” Use this mantra, “grantor of desires,” to clarify what you are looking for and how to achieve it.

Nurture and strengthen your relationships

Consider wearing and using a mala made from aventurine stones to spend more time with your loved ones and build deeper relationships in the New Year. Aventurine clears negativity and fears from the heart chakra. In China, aventurine was the sacred stone for Kuan-Yin – the goddess of compassion and mercy. This stone helps improve relationships, communication, positivity, and harmony.

Pair your aventurine Mala with these powerful mantras to enhance your relationship:

Om Radha Krishna Namaha Radha is the beloved Krishna. Radha is also known as the goddess of the universe and represents the ideal of spiritual loving.

Aham Prema – This mantra can be translated as “I Am Pure Divine Love.” Chant it to embody unconditional love and cultivate compassion for yourself and others.

To quit bad habits

Amethyst has been known to promote inner strength and stability. This crystal can help remove anger, grief, despair, and other negative emotions. It also helps you overcome destructive habits and thoughts. This calming and deeply meditative stone can help reduce anxiety and stress when quitting a substance addiction. It will also keep you focused while establishing a new habit. Amethyst also helps you to understand your true wants, needs, and desires.

Use these powerful mantras with your Amethyst Mala to combat destructive bad habits.

Om Namah Shivaya – Use the moola Shiva mantra to cultivate inner strength and fearlessness.

Om Kreem Hrum Hreem – “Kreem,” the bija mantra (seed or essence), is a powerful mantra used for Kali to instill inner strength and protection. It is also said to eliminate problems and bring success and happiness.

Heal your body

Tiger’s Eye is used for various ailments, such as sinus congestion, broken bones, and vision problems. This protective stone will give you the strength and confidence to overcome health issues. Tiger’s Eye also amplifies the energies from other gemstones.

Combine your Tiger’s Eye Mala with these powerful mantras to heal the body and mind.

Om Shre Dhanvantre Namaha – Dhanvantari, also known as Dhanvantari in the Vedas and Puranas, is the god’s doctor and the founder of Ayurveda.

Tayata OM Bekandze bekandze Mahabekandze Radza Soha – This mantra is used to heal and prevent disease.

Lose weight and get fit

Wear a mala with a Carnelian bead if you lack the motivation, commitment, and energy to maintain a regular exercise routine or manage your weight. This stone is known to bring positive energy and reduce depression and feelings of apathy. Carnelian attracts good fortune, abundance, and prosperity.

Combine your Carnelian Mala with these powerful mantras to increase energy, strength, and stamina:

Om Sri Ramayanamah – Invoke the warrior energy of Lord Rama, inner focus, and limitless strength by using his moola mantra (root or primary).

Om Hum Hanumate Namaha This mantra invokes Hanuman’s courage, strength, stamina, and power.

Exercise to strengthen your resolutions

The simple act of choosing a mantra and mala that are in line with your intentions for the New Year can pave the way to success. For you to fully embrace your mala and mantras and empower your goals and resolutions, I recommend wearing your mala and using your mantra daily.

Start with a sadhana practice if you are new to mantra meditation. Place your mala where you can see it often as a reminder of your goals if you cannot practice daily. Your mala will infuse the energy from the gemstones into the environment. You can put the mala beads on your altar if you practice meditation. If you are a yoga practitioner, your mala beads can be placed at the top edge of your mat.

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