Though the roots of yoga is in India, but it is spreading in western countries too very rapidly. With lots of health benefits associated to it, more and more people are practicing the art of yoga.

But it is essential to know various types of yoga, before performing it.
There are many types of yoga that can be taken in order to get together with the heavenly power.

It is belived that an active person can realize his divinity through work and duty known as Karma, a religious person through devotion known as Bhakti, an intellectual person through knowledge known as Jnana and a meditative person through Raja Yoga.

Different types of yoga are being taught and practices in the world today. Each type of yoga has it’s own practices and philosophies. Some yoga forms are meditative and focus more on spirituality, whereas others are more physical based.

Jnana yoga

This type of yoga focuses on the knowledge part. In Jnana yoga, there are seven stages that involves- study, desire, self realization, developing indifference to objects, protecting the mind, non- attachment to the world, bliss and knowledge of truth and letting the world appear like a dream.

Bikram yoga

This form of yoga is a comprehensive workout. It includes all the fitness components such as- muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular flexibility as well as weight loss.


This method of yoga is designed to build endurance and it is an aggressive form of workout where you move quickly from one pose to another. If you want to perform a tough or a physically challenging work out, ashtanaga is meant just for you.

Hatha yoga

This yoga form involves breathing techniques for life force control known as pranayama as well as physical postures which are known as asanas.
Both these forms of yoga are quite vigorous and they offer tremendous physical benefit.
Moroever this form, of yoga is also very useful as far as emotions and spirituality is concerned.

The goal of yoga is not to attain physical fitness, but strenghten and balance the nervous system. A balanced nervous system is responsible for capacitating the superconscious state of energy as well as awareness.


This type of yoga form focuses on the co ordination of the breath and movement. This yoga form is very active physically.


This yoga form is used as a therapeutic practice for those people who have suffered injuries and want to recover from it.
It is a very gentle form that is tailored to each person’s body type as they grow.

Kundalini yoga

This form of yoga aims at awakening the potential energies at the base of the spineand directs it energy upwards to the spine that bring increasing degree of enlightenment.

All forms of yoga are different depending upon the involvement of mind and body in them.

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