While there’s no shortage of yoga studios or meditation centers in Singapore, not all of them offer classes that are designed specifically with the little ones in mind. If you’re looking to guide your kids onto a mindful path or to introduce them to the world of Yoga, here are some kid’s yoga classes and studios to help jumpstart your search.

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OhmSantih Yoga School Creative & Customized ClassesOhmSantih Yoga School offers classes for children ages 3-13, divided into three groups (3-6, 6, 9, and 13). While each class is themed, suggestions and ideas from the children’s imagination are integrated into the lesson. This is the reason why OhmSantih claims, “No two classes would be the same.” Imagine jungle adventures, however, with mindful exercises and yoga poses, as well as breathing exercises added to the mix.

They limit the number to six students per hour class (an appointment is required) to ensure that your child is given the attention they deserve and the style is engaging. You may also reserve private, one-on-one lessons in the studio or from your home.

Ohm Santih Yoga School

Vyasa Yoga & AyurvedaFor Developing Kids’ BodiesThe classes offered at Vyasa Yoga give kids a great introduction to pranayama and Yoga and keep things enjoyable. They will be taught Sun Salutations, basic yoga poses, pranayama, and breathing exercises, to name a few. If all of this seems “too serious” for you, Don’t fret! The games that are inspired by Yoga teach children and teens about these subjects, and you can be sure you’ll be having a blast while learning to be more focused and relaxed, increase the awareness of your body, and increase flexibility.

Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore

Inspire Mum & Baby For Children of ALL AgesInspire Mum & Baby is one of the few holistic therapy and fitness centers in Singapore that offers not only yoga classes for kids as well as mommy-baby Yoga for babies and toddlers. The courses for toddlers focus on movement, expression, and playful interaction between the parent and child. The yoga classes for children are fun and include fitness, music, imaginative storytelling, and much more.

Babies, toddlers, and kids yoga classes are limited to a small number of students, and there is also the option of scheduling private lessons at home. If you’re looking to get your child to begin early with the numerous benefits of Yoga, then you are in the right place!

Inspire Mum & Baby

Ananda Marga Yoga SocietyFor Breathing & RelaxationIf kids are stressed, They often don’t understand how to express it and find a way to get relief. Ananda Marga Yoga Society offers classes for teenagers and kids to help them relax and relax with breathing practices or yoga postures. The categories are classified according to age groups (5-7 years old, 8-12 years old, 13-19 years) and are designed to be appropriate, age-appropriate methods of learning.

Please note that Ananda Marga’s children or teens classes allow up to 12 students in each category to guarantee a high-quality interaction between the teacher and the students.

Ananda Marga Yoga Society

Sweatbox YogaFor Yoga Through Fun & PlayInteractive, dynamic, and creative – that’s how this yoga studio in the city would like their students of 7-10 years old to experience Yoga. They’ve even established a goal not to teach kids difficult yoga postures because they want the emphasis on stress reduction in body awareness, practicing self-control, and relaxing. While your children will learn Yoga, however, they will do it without pressure and with collaborative games.

Sweatbox Yoga

Canvass Mindfulness Training Center For Kids Who Love Creating ArtAlthough Canvass describes itself more as a mindfulness-based training center than a yoga studio. However, Yoga is a key element of its concept. Their class titled “Movement, Art, Mindfulness” is offered to two age groups that are 4-9.9 and 9-14. It’s a blend of Yoga, art, and storytelling, which makes it a perfect choice for children who are looking to express themselves while also learning self-awareness, mindfulness, and balance between mind and body.

Parents may also be pleased to learn that Canvass sends an update on progress at the end of the first class and for every type your child attends, ensuring you know how your children are progressing up and running in the direction of mindfulness.

Canvass Mindfulness Training Centre

Joyful Blossom Yoga DanceFor Family Yoga FunA, few kids are timid or reticent in taking classes with others. Do you recognize yourself? If yes, look into Joyful Blossom Yoga Dance in Little India. They provide yoga classes for children that parents are welcome to join in, meaning you can assist in helping your child feel more at ease while enjoying high-quality time with them.

Each theme will be different. Class, children will be taught imaginative yoga postures and breathing exercises in a non-competitive setting, and also the importance of mindfulness as well as balance, kindness, and a sense of gratitude throughout the day.

Joyful Blossom Yoga Dance

So YogaFor Kids With Special NeedsIn 2014, yoga instructor and Yoga book writer Sophie Spoor founded Yoga. So, Yoga is about bringing enjoyment, peace, happiness, and peace to children, adults, teens, and families through the beautiful practice of Yoga.

So Yoga is one of the few yoga studios in Singapore that offer classes to children with ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and various other severe to mild developmental issues. The courses are run by Sophie, who is certified as a Certified Special Needs Kids Yoga instructor. Interesting fact: in addition to individual classes, you are able to make an appointment with So Yoga for a yoga-themed birthday party for your child’s yoga instructor, in the range of 3-12 (and with no more than 12 children/students to attend the event).

So Yoga

Mini Glow Yoga Club For Toddlers and UpMini Glow Yoga Club is the children’s collection of Hom Yoga, which offers classes taking place within the Hom Yoga studios in River Valleychildren’srd. Do you want to get your kids early on the Valley Children’s sides and Yoga? When your kid is one year old, you may already start by joining the Mini Glow Yoga Club.

They offer toddlers and children yoga classes based on ages from 18 months to 3, 4-6, or 7-11-year-olds. Yoga classes for toddlers focus on connection with mindfulness, calm, and peace for parents and children. Yoga classes for kids are, however, to begin to explore breathing techniques, creativity, and yoga postures to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

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