I made a simple choice that completely transformed my life. It was a chance decision, as with many important life decisions. While browsing online for yoga videos, I encountered this 30-day challenge to do yoga every day for 30 consecutive days. I knew I would do yoga for the rest of my life. I had been practicing yoga at my local studio for two years. I took two classes per week, one very challenging after two years. I began to wonder if I could manage yoga every day. Online courses took about 30 minutes, were shorter than studio classes, and were just as challenging. After the 30-day challenge was over, I attempted another 30-day challenge. Then, I did another. I started doing yoga every day. Now, I can’t even imagine doing any yoga every day.

Is it possible to practice yoga every day? First, I don’t think about whether I will do yoga today. The question is,¬†When¬†will I do yoga? Sometimes, I do yoga in the morning. Sometimes I can only make it to yoga at the end because my day is so long and exhausting. Yoga feels like a massive accomplishment in the morning. It’s something that I do daily, but it’s nice to be done and not think about it again the next day. (I am the type of person who puts “eat lunch” on a long list to cross it off later. You can set yourself up to succeed. Yoga can help you “undo” all the bad things you do every day, like sitting at a desk for long periods of time and typing.

I’ve done yoga in hotels, guest rooms at people’s houses, hardwood floors, plush flooring, and narrow hallways in my father’s New York City apartment. I prefer to do yoga in my bedroom. If your mat is too large to fit on the floor in your bedroom, you can get out of your room once you do the yoga.

Yoga was done when I was sick. I did it slowly and took lots of breaks. I also did it when I was tired and wanted to go to bed. Yoga was difficult when it was cold. I needed a space heater to blow directly on my body. When it was hot, I had to stop every few seconds to drink water and breathe.

I roll that mat every day. Does that make my day extraordinary? It is not. Sometimes I feel disoriented, bored, or distracted. Other times, I don’t feel like doing anything. It doesn’t matter if I skip it. I get through it. Every day I’m grateful for what I have. This is true no matter where I’m at, what time it is, or how my feelings are. It’s always a great feeling to be done. If there’s one reason I do yoga every day, it’s because I can lie in Savasana for at least a few moments every day.

Every day I have to do something, and I can relax deeply. Think about the benefits that this can have on your life over the long term.

You get better at yoga when you do yoga every day. It’s not to say that I am not flexible and strong. It does, however, mean that I am more robust and relaxed than before. I once complained to a yoga teacher that I was not good at Chaturanga. He asked me how many years I had been practicing yoga. I laughed, and he said that I had just started. But, after practicing yoga daily for over a year, I improved my chaturanga.

Although I prefer to do my yoga videos at home, it is still a pleasure to attend classes in yoga studios when I can. Nothing beats being part of a group chanting “om” or having a teacher gently touch your arm or leg to make adjustments. Now, when I make a list of things to do, I add “yoga” because I know I will always be able to cross it off.

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