Are you feeling out of control? Stuck in a rut or drained by the blues? Then one or more chakras may be out of balance. Changes in the seasons, weather, world events, personal experiences, and life transitions can all cause energy centers to be blocked or out of balance. Yogis strongly believe an unbalanced energy body can negatively impact physical and mental health. You don’t need to be a Reiki Master to realign your chakras. There are many quick and simple ways to get those “disks” of light spinning again.

Light a stick of incense

The root chakra is closely related to our senses of smell. Earthy scents help to ground an unsteady body and remove negative energies. Reduce the lights and sit tall with your feet on the floor or in Sukhasana. Burn a stick of cedar-scented incense. The scent of cedar incense could help you reconnect with the earth and restore your senses of stability and grounding. You can buy a bouquet to match any of the chakras.

Gemstones: Get to Know them

The gemstones have unique properties. Their colors, shapes, and sizes are all different. The rocks can be placed over the chakras, held in your hand, or used as a pendant. Use gemstones with an orange tint to target the second Chakra or sacral Chakra, such as orange Calcite. You can use crystal quartz or lapis lazuli to develop a spiritual connection in the seventh Chakra. To balance the chakras, you can buy a seven-gemstone kit.

Light a salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps will bring the soothing experience of a salt cavern to your own home. Salt lamps purify the air and reduce allergies and asthma symptoms. They also improve blood circulation and help you sleep. The pink-orange gold lamps help balance the lower three chakras. Select one with a golden light to target the solar plexus or third Chakra.

Join a Yoga Class

A skilled yoga teacher can design a class to gently stretch and open certain body areas in a natural sequence. Courses that are focused can be targeted at areas of the body where you feel closed down. Hip opening postures such as Bound Angle Pose and Pigeon Pose can target lower chakras. Heart chakra poses such as Camel Pose and Upward-Facing Dog, which involve upper backbends, can help open the shoulders. Core work and twisted poses can help release energy blocks from the solar plexus.

Sip some Tea

Tea time is an excellent time to slow down and enjoy the moment on a busy day. You can choose or create specially blended herbs that will enhance the benefits of each Chakra. You can, for example, make a blend of five chakra tea that will balance your throat Chakra. This will not only help you communicate more clearly but also rekindle creativity.

Try out essential oils

Essential oil is becoming increasingly popular. Many are now discovering the positive effects of scents on the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils can be applied safely to the skin when mixed with other oils or diluted in water. Inhaling essential oils helps calm the body and balance emotions. It also supports physical and spiritual well-being. Use a soothing lavender facial mist, for example, to calm the mind, soothe your skin and balance the Chakra of the third eye.

Recite a Mantra

You may find it challenging to sit in silence for meditation. Reciting mantras can help you focus your mind and balance your body. A mantra is a word or phrase that you find meaningful or an ancient Sanskrit Sanskrit chant meant to invoke a particular deity. You can use a set rudraksha bead to repeat the sound Om to balance your crown chakra. This will help you connect with your higher self. Choose a bija mantra to balance the energy center you feel is out of balance.

Connect with Nature

Spend some time outside, whether you’re walking a trail or sitting by a pond. Nature has a rhythm that helps us slow down and reconnect with ourselves and others. Nature allows us to relax, breathe deeply, and be present in our minds, bodies, and spirits. Each Chakra is associated with one of the five elements. You can choose your location and timing carefully to bring out a particular element.

The fire element stimulates and calms the third Chakra, while the air element contains the fourth Chakra. The water element nourishes the chakras, while the ether connects us with the chakras. If you wish to strengthen and activate the third Chakra or Manipura, plan your outdoor activities to soak up the golden sunlight in the middle of the day.


Several breathing techniques in yoga can help align and harmonize your energy centers. Pranayama is a simple way to improve the flow and quality of your energy. Essential diaphragmatic breathing (breathing with the abdomen) calms the nervous system and improves energy flow to the lower chakras.

Box Breathing can be a powerful tool to calm the nervous system, bringing peace and tranquility. This pranayama is a great way to balance, harmonize, and equalize the prana that flows through the body’s energy channels. This four-part technique calms and balances the mind and body to reduce mental stress. Box breathing can help align your chakras and give you a feeling of security and safety.

Alternate Nose Breathing cleanses the energy channels, bringing about a deep feeling of calmness. Breathing one nostril at a time helps improve concentration, memory, and focus. It also reduces anxiety and promotes emotional equilibrium. This technique is an effective way to balance and bring harmony to energy pathways. When done correctly, it also brings a sense of peace and lightness to the practitioner.

Meditation with Visualization

Visualization can help you calm your mind and align the chakras in your upper body. You can visualize a chakra or imagine white light purifying the seven centers simultaneously. You can access the power of a particular center and learn to use it effectively by visualizing it. However, imagining a whole system may be faster and more effective. These energy centers have traditionally been visualized using their color and a lotus flower with varying numbers of petals.

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