Yoga mats enhance your yoga practice, providing a comfortable cushion as well as a grip to avoid slipping. But have you ever noticed how similar yoga mats tend to be, and sometimes everyone has the same one in class? Helping you create your own unique space for practice and offering a special spot that you can take with you, we’ve compiled a list of nonconventional yoga mats. From circular to herbed mats, here are a few unique takes on the traditional yoga mat that will keep your practice fresh, innovative, and inspiring.

Cork Yogi Classic Cork Mat – Quirky Cork Mat with Great Benefits

Cork is an alternative to traditional rubber mats. It is lightweight and natural. Cork is not only ethically sourced but also antibacterial. This means you can practice yoga with a rug that’s always clean. Cork is also a great mat for challenging yoga poses. Its water-resistant properties ensure that you won’t slip.

Cork Yogis donates a part of every purchase to support training for girls at risk in India.

Sahaja Yoga mats: Add color to your practice

Sahaja Yoga Mats bring light and color to your life. Each mat is made up of a microfiber towel with a color-coordinated layer. The bottom has a rubber grip. This mat will not slip, and it’s soft and eye-catching. Find the design that best suits your style by exploring the different types.

Your purchase will also make you feel good because a portion of proceeds is used to provide solar lights for Mozambique students.

Ayur Yoga Organics Weaved Mats: Honoring Ayurvedic Traditions

Rubber mats did not become popular until the 1980s. Cloth mats were used instead. Ayuryoga Organics combines Ayurvedic medicine with modern yoga through eco-friendly, organically colored woven rugs. They are customized with plant and herb extracts.

Ayurveda says that contact with these plants can have health benefits. Rubber backing prevents slipping, and the authentic woven fibers absorb sweat to keep your skin dry.

Circular mats for yoga poses: Form Yoga Mats

The Form mat is beautifully designed and takes on a round shape. This will allow you to step outside the box and spice up your practice. The carpets are not only available in vibrant prints such as tropical or cityscape themes but also from sustainable materials (called “carbon-negative”) and made of natural materials. The Form mat is also designed to improve your yoga performance, with a grid-like precision that helps you align poses.

The right mat will be your faithful sidekick. It will support and enhance your practice. The next-level innovation of these mats will take your training to a new level. Each rug covers a unique need and has varying benefits on and off the yoga mat.

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