Everyone gets stuck from time to time, even yoga teachers. The question that often comes up in my mentorship group is, “How can I keep my practice and teaching current?” Connecting with students and inspiring them when you feel stale is challenging. First, remember that all relationships, vocations, passions, and life experiences go through phases. It doesn’t necessarily mean that things aren’t going well. If your teaching and practice feel stagnant, calm down. Accept and accept the feelings. These simple tips will help you get back to the things that matter most.

These are five tips to inspire yoga teachers:


Many of us need to practice at the same pace every day. If you prefer a slow, quiet practice, you should always do a slow, quiet practice. You will always have a strong flow if you choose a strong flow. You can find inspiration by changing the pace of your course if you feel stale. You will notice a shift in your breathing rhythm and overall experience when you alter the speed.


Some days I would rather poke myself in the eye than do Chaturanga or Upward-Facing dog. This can be challenging for a vinyasa-based instructor. I am not averse to losing sight, so I occasionally take a break. These postures are no longer part of my routine. I now include Cobra, Locust variations, and Planks. Although I am always afraid to give up my favorite poses, removing them from my way for a few days changes my sequence and leads me to something new. This also helps to re-engage my students, who love a change of pace.


Modern yoga can sometimes feel very expensive and produced to me. The flow classes are choreographed to the best playlist. Everyone feels they need to wear the latest leggings and take the perfect photos. I’m not being judgmental. I get it. We put too much pressure on ourselves, and it is essential sometimes to let go of that. If this sounds familiar, you can let go of the need to perform and focus on a few messy, messy, and ugly poses. Seriously. Grab your ripped copy of Light on Yoga, and flip through until you find a pose you last tried a while ago. Try out poses that are difficult to reach, have fun, and make mistakes.


Aside from my family and my yoga practice, my priority is my family. Although my passion for yoga has changed over time, it’s been the constant thread of my life for the past 20 years. It is the only thing that I could live without. These days, I am also exploring other physical modalities. Other physical activities, such as running, spinning, or Pilates, can rekindle your passion for yoga. While I don’t advocate that you abandon your yoga practice, it is essential to include various physical activities to feel well. However, my yoga practice is more enjoyable when I have other physical activities in my daily life.


My most important and obvious suggestion is to get back on the mat and reconnect with your practice. You can reconnect with your practice if you feel disinterested or need more enthusiasm. Make the permanent decision that your practice is your practice. You have the freedom to do whatever you like, so enjoy it. This could mean taking a new class, practicing a different home practice, or exploring pranayama and meditation. It might be as simple as this: Your practice will be waiting for you. Enjoy it.

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