Today’s society has seen a lot of changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If the past year has caused you stress or strain, we may have something for you. Regular meditation and Yoga may be helpful for some people. Although Yoga should not be considered a replacement for regular visits to your primary care physician, or other medical professionals, there are some benefits.

What is Yoga?

Are you thinking of meditation, slow movements, and balancing in awkward places? You’d partially be correct.

Yoga was a spiritual practice within Indian philosophy. Although Yoga has become more popular and modernized over time, some aspects remain the same. It focuses on improving your mental health, physical abilities, and overall well-being.

Are you unsure if Yoga is suitable for you? These are five benefits of Yoga!

5 Advantages of Yoga

Could Improve Your Mental Health and Relieve Stress

Having trouble with your mental health does not mean that you are failing. External pressures can strain your mental health; sometimes, essential self-care is not enough.

After three months of Yoga, women with mental health problems showed improvements in their mental well-being. Some participants experienced significant drops in cortisol (or “stress hormones”) levels.

You may need a consistent program of breathing exercises and stretching.

Could Increase Muscle Strength

Eighty-five percent of Americans do not get enough exercise to keep their bodies healthy. Yoga may be the best option if you struggle with cardio or working out in a gym.

A 12-week study found that adults had greater muscular strength and endurance. Yoga is an excellent option because you can do it anywhere and at any time with minimal equipment. To help you with your exercises, we recommend using a yoga mat and blocks.

Could Enhance Sleep Quality

Yoga may be an excellent activity to do at night if you have trouble sleeping. In a 3-month study, participants noticed an increase in melatonin levels. Your body makes melatonin to signal that it is time to sleep.

This activity is not recommended for people with sleep disorders, but it is easy enough to do for most people.

Could Lower Chronic Migraine Pain

Chronic pain impacts an estimated 20% of American adults. Yoga can be a great addition to conventional care. A study showed that yoga therapy could significantly reduce the severity and frequency of migraines when combined with other care methods.

Could Improve Breathing

Yoga exercises are based on balance and breathing. This is a simple and easy way for people with asthma to improve their breathing. Study results showed significant improvements in lung function when intensive breathing exercises were used in Yoga.

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