In our busy day-to-day lives, we often overlook our best and most accessible source of happiness and well-being–gratitude. Combining gratitude and meditation has a powerful healing effect on the body, mind, and heart. Sitting and focusing our breath while summoning gratitude thoughts encourages us to open our hearts and embrace all of our blessings. It cultivates happiness, peace, and positivity. We have selected six of our favorite guided gratitude meditation videos to help you reap the rewards of gratitude.

Six Guided Meditation Videos for Gratitude

This list of free YouTube videos will teach you how to do a gratitude meditation. Watch all the videos to determine which one is best for you. It is important to practice gratitude every day to reap its full benefits.

Yoga Rituals for Joyful Gratitude Meditation

This 12-minute practice begins with a short introduction to meditation and gratitude. This practice is centered on gratitude and abundance and concludes with a gentle Yoga Stretch.

Boho Beautiful Guided Meditation for Gratitude

The 10-minute guided meditation begins with a focus on the breath, and then the central thought, “My life has many blessings, and I am grateful,” is used as the main focus throughout the rest of the meditation. This affirmation can be carried throughout the day to help you refocus on gratitude.

Morning Gratitude Meditation by Sarovara Yoga

This 5-minute gratitude meditation is an excellent way to begin your day. Background sounds of birds and water add to this calming and soothing meditation.

MNDLF Meditation – Gratitude meditation with Ally Bogard

This 10-minute meditation incorporates a physical exploration of your chest and energetic heart while listing everything you are grateful and appreciative for. This practice encourages you to be physically still while focusing on the energy of gratitude.

Sleepy Santos ha’s Heart-Centered Meditation on Gratitude

This heart-centered 7-minute meditation begins by expressing gratitude for an object that is helpful, a place of safety, and a kind individual. The second part of the practice involves synchronizing simple arm movements to the breath to activate the heart’s chakra and encourage feelings of giving and receiving gratitude.

Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation for Gratitude with Declutter the Mind

This guided meditation session of 10 minutes incorporates the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness meditation or Metta meditation to express gratitude, love, and kindness.

Gratitude in More Ways

You can find more gratitude meditations on YogaBasics. YogaBasics has several other resources for you. You can read our article on simple and easy ways to incorporate gratitude into your yoga practice, or check out this list of the best poses and mantras for gratitude. You can also visit 14 Yoga Videos for Gratitude and see our amazing list of free yoga videos designed to cultivate gratitude. This list of awesome quotations on gratitude and yoga will inspire you to continue or start your daily gratitude practice.

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