Anyone can do Yoga. Each of the yoga styles is better suited to specific body types. You will have a more positive yoga experience if you know which style of practice best suits your body type.

Advice given may make you feel uncomfortable. We are talking about body types that reflect a person’s physiology. Many uncontrollable influences influence our body shapes, such as genetics and our environment. Yoga can change your body shape and transform it with dedication and practice.

Feeling comfortable and at ease will make you more likely to continue with the class. These tips will help you decide which type of Yoga is best for your body type. You may want to try other types of Yoga as you progress in your journey to refine and deepen your practice.

Hot Yoga for a slimmer body

You are more likely than not to prefer or tolerate heat if you have a thin body. Hot Yoga is an intense style performed in a heated space, usually at temperatures above 100 degrees. The heat will help you to stretch further into your yoga poses if you suffer from tight muscles. These heated classes are often done in front of the mirror and are popular among young adults. Check out hot vinyasa and hot flow yoga classes if you want to gain muscle mass.

Lean Body Shape: Try Ashtanga or Power Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a form of athletic Yoga that relies on the flow of breathing to move from one yoga posture to another. Ashtanga is good for people with lean bodies because the sequences of sun salutations require strength and flexibility. Your body will be pushed to its limits. The workout is designed to increase upper body strength. The focus is on flexibility and balance. Even the fittest people will be challenged and sweaty by power yoga. This practice will help you maintain a lean body as it builds strength and muscle tone. This style of Yoga is the most aerobic and will increase your metabolism, encourage weight loss and raise your heart rate.

Gentle or Hatha Yoga is suitable for those with a moderate body shape

The gentleness of a general hatha Yoga class for all levels is one of the best practices of Yoga for beginners. Hatha Yoga has traditionally been less focused on developing and perfecting poses. Modern approaches also use less traditional practices such as pranayamas, mudras, and bandhas. Hatha Yoga suits bodies with moderate strength and flexibility, as they can perform most or all yoga poses.

Curvy or Stocky Body Shape: Try Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga’s slow, static style suits those with curvy or large bodies. Yoga props like straps and blocks will help curvy bodies maintain proper alignment. Iyengar Yoga is detailed but doable for people who have never worked out. You may want to try more dynamic and challenging forms of Yoga as you gain strength and flexibility.

Try Yin Yoga to Get a More Athletic Body Shape

Yin Yoga can counteract an athletic body that is tight and tense. This form of Yoga is based on deep stretching and relaxation. Yin Yoga is a floor-based practice that stretches the lower body, allowing the hips and pelvis to open and the inner thighs and low back. Your yoga instructor will guide you to hold each pose for several minutes while breathing deeply and consciously releasing. You will initially need to use yoga props as support while you ease into the poses. You will experience a deep calmness and introspection at the end of your yin session.

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