Yoga is more than just for the body. It’s also good for the mind, body, soul, and heart. Did you know that Yoga can also directly impact your hair and skin? Yoga is technically also good for beauty. Even though the festival was cancelled this year, we encourage you to celebrate it at home. We’ll share all the wonderful benefits yoga can have for your skin. Here are some benefits of Yoga for your hair and skin.

  • Relieves skin inflammation
  • Gives you a glow
  • Improves gut health
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Enhances hair growth

Relieves skin inflammation

Yoga and working out have a great effect on your skin. Your body and skin will feel cooler and more relaxed when the excess heat from your body is released by physical exertion. This is great news for those who experience heat burns or skin irritation.

Padahastasana is one of the most effective and simple poses to do this. Standing tall, with your feet shoulder-length apart, bend down to touch the soles of your feet. Bend your knees as little as possible. It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes. You will be able to push yourself every day.

Gives you a glowing look

Your skin sheds dirt and sweat from all your exertions. Your skin feels like facial steam when you work out. Your skin will feel cleaner and more hydrated after Yoga. You will notice a difference in your skin if you spend an hour practising Yoga each day.

Suryanamaskar is great for glowing skin. You can engage your whole body in various movements, and it also helps you feel calm overall.

Improves your gut health

Unhealthy digestion can not only affect our mood and make us more irritable, but it can also show up on our skin quickly. You may get pesky pimples from the toxins that have been left behind. Yoga can greatly improve your digestion.

Sukhasana or Pawanmuktasana can be used to solve this problem. To do the first, place your hands on your stomach and wrap your arms around your knees. For a few minutes, hold the position and feel the abdominal clench. During this asana, take deep inhalations through your nose.

Sukhasana requires you to sit straight with your back and legs crossed. Close your eyes and place your palms on your knees. Now, focus only on your breathing and forget about everything else. This will help you relax your mind, stomach, and skin.

Hair Yoga Benefits

Hair fall is reduced.

We all know stress is the main cause of hair loss. Stress directly affects hair growth and hair health. Yoga can help you relax and make your hair healthier. Regular practice of Yoga can calm the mind and promote hair growth.

Meditation with your knees bent and your back straight will do the trick. Adho Mukha Swarnasana is a great pose to improve your hair. Begin by bending forward so that your feet touch the ground. Start by crawling forward, keeping your knees straight. Next, turn your head to the ground. As much as you can, keep your feet flat on the ground. For approximately 45 seconds, hold the pose and then let go.

Boosts hair growth

Yoga improves blood circulation through all of the movements. This is especially true for poses that involve your head down. Healthy blood cells must reach trouble spots to repair anything.

Sarvangasana is a fun and useful yoga pose. Place your hands on your stomach and raise your legs with your feet. Keep your hips straight and raise your torso as high as you can. You can hold the position for around 30-45 seconds, then slowly let go. This will give you a brighter complexion and beautiful hair.

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