You are considering becoming a yoga teacher; congratulations! You may have noticed the seemingly millions of fantastic programs, and likely, by now, your head is spinning. To help in your process, here are seven important considerations before you take your next step to become a yoga teacher.

Why do you wish to be a yoga instructor?

It takes a lot of time and money to become a yoga instructor. It’s crucial to have a very clear understanding of why you wish to become a yoga teacher. You might want to consider upgrading your practice instead of taking a more formal course.

What are your goals for yoga teacher training?

What would you like to achieve, learn, or experience if you were to imagine yourself at this training’s end? Find a course that is both professional and personal for you! Please write down your goal and ensure that all of your decisions are in line with it. It is easy to get off track.

What type of yoga would you like to learn how to teach?

Yoga comes in many styles. Some yoga training focuses more on alignment, while others teach a series of poses. You can learn more about the training you need by asking your favorite teachers where they studied and what they do.

How many teachers will be involved in the Yoga Teacher Training?

Teachers are perhaps the most important aspect of teacher training. You should find out who teaches each part of the program that you are interested in. If you sign up for a teacher’s training and then find out that they only teach a day, you may be disappointed. Make sure you know how long the course will last. Before signing up, try to attend workshops led by teacher trainers. This will help you determine if their teaching style is something that appeals to you. It is not the same as being a great teacher trainer.

What level of certification would you like to have?

It can be not easy to find a job once you graduate from a training that is not certified. It is best to find a teacher whose lineage has been approved if you wish to be certified in certain lines, such as Iyengar and Ashtanga. The International Alliance of Yoga Therapists is a program for students who are interested in Yoga Therapy. Kripalu School of Yoga offers a 1000-hour yoga teacher training. Yoga Alliance provides certifications at three levels: 200-,300- and 500-hours. You can also become a Registered Yoga Teacher or an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.

Weekends, immersion, or another?

Are you a full-time worker and looking for something that will fit into your schedule? Are you interested in a full-time training program? You can do both. Weekend training is available, as well as weekly or monthly immersions you can complete over several years or full immersions spread over some time.

How much does training cost?

When evaluating any training, it is important to consider the upfront costs as well as additional costs. Consider these financial factors:

Check to see what your training includes and does not include. The majority of training includes only the contact hours spent with the trainer. Some activities include food, housing, books, and materials.

Check if the minimum number of lessons required by a studio is included in your tuition or if you have to pay extra to attend classes.

If you are unable to attend certain sessions (because life happens), ask about making up classes. Some training programs include make-up classes throughout the course. Others charge hundreds of dollars to students for missed classes or make-up days.

This is also a silly thing, but it’s happened to students. Verify that your teacher preparation prepares you for teaching. Some trainings require students to purchase an extra “Teaching module” if they want to become teachers.

Ask if you can get a scholarship or a job in a trade if your finances are tight.

It’s nice to know that you can always return to school and learn more. You will have a great journey as an eternal student.

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