Many students believe that yoga classes in schools can improve student performance and physical well-being.
Yoga is an integral part of the school’s daily routine at Edmunds Elementary, Des Moines, Iowa.

Yoga is a popular practice among students

Every class starts with a discussion about topics like gratitude, responsible citizenship and peacemaking. The discussion is followed by a Yoga practice, which includes postures and breathing exercises, as well as meditation. This helps students to be present and ready for learning.

After lunch, the lights are dimmed and soft music is played. Students return from recess for a 10 minute meditation in silence, then they can indulge in more meditation. If necessary, teachers can also practice Yoga at other times during the day. The school has made significant academic gains: the school’s test scores have increased more than 18% and the number students calling the principal has dropped by more that 2/3 in the past two years. Their sense of community, unity and participation in school life impressed the principal.

Is this supported by scientific research? What results can we expect to see from Yoga programs at schools?
Although yoga in schools is still a relatively new area of science research, there is already promising evidence from growing bodies of research. This article outlines compelling reasons why Yoga can be integrated into school curricula to help students, teachers, schools, and address many of today’s educational problems.

7 reasons yoga should be taught in schools

  • Students must learn self-regulation skills to be successful in school and life. This is the ability to adapt and control their behavior and mindfulness according to their environment and other people. Yoga at School is proven to help students improve their self-regulation skills.
  • Academic performance is the most important measure of student success in schools. Many students fail to get or maintain high grades which can lead to expulsion. Yoga has been shown to improve concentration, memory, and reduce stress. This is a key factor in academic success for children.
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  • Teens and children are often exposed to stressors at home and school. These stressors may include chronic stressors like abuse or living in poverty and minor stressors like anxiety. Uncontrolled stress can increase the risk of anxiety disorders in adolescents. Researchers are now exploring whether Yoga in School could reduce anxiety, stress, and psychogenic tension.
  • Yoga can help students deal with difficult life events such as family problems or low grades. Yoga practice can improve students’ self-control and self-efficacy when dealing with stress and emotions. This will increase psycho-emotional resilience. An essay paper can solve the problem of poor grades. Competent writers can prepare papers in any discipline in no time.
  • Bullying in schools is a common problem. Bullying can cause academic problems and other negative effects for students. Bullying can also lead to suspensions and disciplinary actions, which can result in students losing important learning materials.
  • Yoga classes can help students become more aware and in control of their emotions. This will help students to be more aware of their emotions and reactions, and allow them to manage impulsive behavior and negative reactions better in order for them meet the demands of situations and reach their personal goals.
  • Yoga is a great way to offer young people a non-competitive and gentle way to get active.
    Although yoga may appear to be a great stretching technique, the combination of consistent and varied poses with deep breathing makes it a very effective way to improve a variety of health-related skills.

School meditation programs are supported by those who believe that they can influence teacher effectiveness and classroom climate. Research on yoga programs for teachers has shown that Yoga can also be beneficial to their well-being.


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