Stuck at a desk for the day? Have you been in the car a bunch lately? We all know that crunchy-punchy feeling of sitting for too long and not being able to get up.

My first piece suggestion is to get over and walk for about 20 minutes. Your hips, legs, and sanity will appreciate it! In between walks, here are some yoga exercises that can be adapted to the seating arrangement you’ve got yourself into!

Eagle Arms

It’s an excellent upper back and shoulder stretch those days when you’re at work, and it’s left you feeling cramped to the max.

Place your elbows on one side and then one, and try to squeeze the forearms’ backs towards each other or hold your palms of both hands. Bring your chin towards your chest, and lift your elbows upwards to help encourage an even more pronounced stretch.

If this is difficult or you’ve had a history of shoulder injuries, then put the hands of your shoulders on them and then pull.

Fish Pose

If your chair does not have wheels, you can reverse the hunched-over-the-desk feeling by stretching out your chest and frontal shoulders in a seated Fish Pose. A bonus is that taking a deep breath here will assist in relaxing if you’re feeling stuck.

Move your hips towards the edge of your chair, and put your hands on the back of the chair. Set your feet so you’re grounded. Lift your heart towards the ceiling, pressing the shoulders to the back of your head. Then breathe!

Are you looking to improve your strength? From this position, elevate your seat to push your hip flexors up into the air.

Seated Pigeon

Help to strengthen your hips in a good position by doing a bit of external rotation. You can also achieve low back stretch as well in this version for the chair of Pigeon Pose.

Cross your ankles over your thigh and create Figure 4 using your legs. Lean your swollen foot to secure your ankle and hip, and then sit up straight or bend inwards to spread your lower back further.

Half Lord of Fish

Side bends or lateral stretches are a great option while sitting at work, particularly when you incorporate this tiny twist.

Your knee should be bent towards your chest, then place your feet flat on your chair. The other hand should be pressed into the outside of the thigh, then rotate your leg toward you.

Straight Leg Lift

Hamstrings can be finicky creatures. They like to stretch out when we move around a lot and also when we are sitting and eating a lot.

Place your foot in your palm by bending your knee. Then, push it into your grip until you are able to raise your leg a bit to the full extent.

Putting a strap on your feet instead of your hands allows you to keep your back straight as you go about your day, which will make you feel more relaxed all over.

The most effective way to care for the body on days when you need to sit for long hours is to get up and move around! Take breaks, and perhaps even take a walk!

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