While there really is no replacement for an in-person yoga teacher training – soaking up the atmosphere, being immersed in yoga culture surrounded by like-minded people, learning the sacred art of touch and physical adjustments – it is essential that we, as yogis, adapt to the current climate. People need yoga and meditation in their lives now more than ever, so we need new teachers spreading this knowledge, compassion and wisdom in their communities across the world.

With no end to this pandemic currently in sight, more and more yoga schools are now beginning to offer their teacher trainings in online format, often at a greatly reduced price. While, under normal circumstances, we would always recommend an in-person training if you have the choice, there are many benefits to training online, such as flexibility (being able to study at a time/day that suits you, and spreading the course out over several months), saving money on travel costs, accommodation, and on the cost of the training itself, not having to take time off work or away from family and other commitments, and having lifetime access to the teaching material and resources so you can refresh your memory at any point in the future. If you had been dreaming of doing a yoga teacher training but now find yourself unable to travel, check out our top picks for online teacher trainings that can be done from the comfort of your own home!

1. Annie Au Yoga

If you’re unsure about studying online and looking just to dip your toe in, a 50hr training is a great place to start. Training in something a bit more unusual or ‘niche’ also makes you stand out as a teacher. Yin is gaining popularity as more and more students are hearing about its benefits, and it’s especially needed now, in this new COVID era, when people are stressed out and fearful of the future; yin can help bring balance into our lives, it can be relaxing and restorative, and for teachers, it gives us time to indulge in meditation and stories – giving our students little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. Annie is one of the world’s leading yin yoga teachers, having studied under the likes of Bernie Clark and Sri Dharma Mittra, and she has been inspiring new yin teachers around the world for many years now. Her courses weave together Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (particularly Chinese Meridian theory), Qi Gong, acupressure, yoga philosophy, sound meditation, and much more. This makes her training unique, and gives you a range of tools to draw on when planning and teaching your (future) yin classes. Her online course has been running for several months now, and is accredited with Yoga Alliance (US). It takes place over two weekends (Fri-Sun, 9am-4pm roughly) so you can easily fit it into your life, even when working from home. Plus, the early bird discount for the October training is €300 off if you sign up before Sep 15!

2. Brett Larkin Yoga (‘Uplifted’)

You might have heard of Brett Larkin before; she runs a hugely popular yoga-themed YouTube channel, has been featured in countless wellness blogs/magazines, and has been running online teacher trainings since (pre-COVID!). This means she has had a lot of time to perfect her online training. Besides a 600 page (!) paper manual (not included in training price) and bi-weekly live calls, the program itself is super in-depth, covering all the usual modules such as anatomy, meditation and asana, but also modules in Ayurveda, Tantra, and a special focus on the business aspect of yoga including social media marketing – learning Brett’s personal secrets on how she created her super successful YouTube channel and how to create an online business. In addition, the guest lecturers are experts in their fields, such as Tom Myers, who will teach you about fascia. Besides the flexibility of being able to study at a time that suits you (apart from committing to the live calls), you also have lifetime access to the materials and resources, so you can refresh your memory at any time in the future!

3. Sam Poorna Yoga

Since May this year, Sam Poorna Yoga school in India has been offering its 200hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training in online format, at a super affordable price (one of the cheapest 200hr online courses available!). Despite its low cost, you still get everything you would expect from a good 200hr training, including yoga history and philosophy, Vinyasa sequencing, pranayama and meditation, asana clinic, anatomy and physiology, and so on. Apart from the 18-20 live sessions, there is no set daily schedule for the online course, so you are free to study and practice whenever suits you (the live calls are recorded in case you can’t attend in real time). The teachers are available for support during the 24 ‘set’ days of the course (from the start to finish date), but you have lifetime access to the material and resources and can take up to a year to complete the course. If you’ve always wanted to do a teacher training but couldn’t quite afford it, this could be the perfect solution for you!


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